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The future development of gymnastics in this country is reliant on better coaches. At all levels of the sport we need coaches who possess the expertise, knowledge and attitude to positively affect the gymnasts and the environment with which they work.

Appropriate qualifications are integral to this aim. Gymnastics Ireland now offers a variety of routes for coaches to follow to become experts in their own field with the introduction of specific coaching workshops, modules and coaching courses. The workshops and modules, awarded by Gymnastics Ireland, operate as an introduction to coaching gymnastics for everyone at all levels. Our new cycle of coaching courses, quality assured and awarded by Coaching Ireland, will operate across all disciplines and are recognised both nationally and internationally.

This is, however, only half of the story. If we are to succeed in our vision of creating more innovative coaches who are excellent teachers of gymnastics, learning and development will not only be reserved for time spent on coaching courses. Instead, the desire for further knowledge, expertise and mastery must be on-going as a continuous process of reflection, with coaches ultimately developing a mind-set of learning and self-improvement.

The coaching journey is not, however, an individual one. Gymnastics Ireland’s new coaching structure aims to inspire, educate and assist coaches along their coaching journey, whether it's teaching gymnastics in a school setting, coaching part-time in a club or coaching gymnasts at elite performance levels.

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