National Indoor Arena Events Cancellation - Gymnastics Ireland CEO Statement

6th November 2017 | National | Comments (0)

Following the recent power failures at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena (NIA) that led to the cancellation of two weekends of events Gymnastics Ireland is in the unfortunate position of having to cancel the upcoming weekend events of Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November to allow time for Sport Ireland to identify the cause and resolve the issue fully. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, unfortunately this matter is out of our control. We are investigating alternative dates with the aim to reschedule all cancelled competitive events where possible and will revert to clubs as soon as we have progressed matters with the NIA. 

To read a full statement on the recent power issues/event cancellations from Gymnastics Ireland CEO Ciaran Gallagher click here...

This statement has also been sent to Gymnastics Ireland club secretaries.

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