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Fequently asked questions about all aspects of gymnastics are listed below.

What coaching qualification allows me to run a club?

In order to run a club, a coach must hold a Gymnastics Ireland Club Coach qualification.

How do I start up a club?

You will need 10 members to set up a club with Gymnastics Ireland

You must register all your members with Gymnastics Ireland including club insurance and registration and nominate a club secretary

This can now be done online by contacting the Gymnastics Ireland administration to get your new club code

Logistics of Setting up a Club

Secure a venue and a suitably qualified coach

Secure safe FIG standard equipment

Organise administration procedures

Get a trusted volunteer to act as children's officer

For further information please access our Club Start Up Kit available in the downloads section.

How do I get my coaches vetted?

Vetting is carried out for all our adult members working with young people.

All Garda vetting forms (ROI) will be issued to members by the Policy and Welfare Manager. Please also refer to “Garda Vetting section on our website. All AccessNI (Northern Ireland) vetting forms are available on our website.    
All completed forms should be submitted to Policy and Welfare Manager at Gymnastics Ireland.

Do I need to be vetted?

Yes, Gymnastics Ireland is in the process of rolling out Garda Vetting that will cover everyone working or wishing to work within the organisation, including positions that are  full time, part time, voluntary or student placement within organisation by virtue of which they may have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults.

I was recently vetted by another organisation, do I need to be vetted again?

Yes, some people will have completed Garda Vetting through other organisations; however Gymnastics Ireland is unable to accept disclosures from outside organisations and individuals where applicable will be required to complete another Garda Vetting Application Form that will be processed through Gymnastics Ireland.

What is Garda Vetting?

Garda Vetting is a pre-checking of an applicant’s background for criminal convictions or prosecutions and it is important to stress that Garda Vetting is one component part of  normal recruitment and selection process and is used in conjunction with the other components referred to in the “Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Youth Sport in Gymnastics Ireland” – recruitment guidelines.

How long does the Garda Vetting process take?

Turnaround times can vary but typically between four weeks to six weeks. (Significant delays can occur if the form has not been completed properly by the individual).

Where do I get a Gymnastics Ireland Garda vetting application form?

All Garda vetting forms will be issued to members directly by the Gymnastics Ireland Office.

How much will Garda Vetting cost?

Currently there is no charge for Garda Vetting.

Who sees my information?

Only the authorised persons can see your information. Your application form and any information received from the Garda Central Vetting Unit is confidential and kept securely.

What decision is made on the basis of Garda Vetting?

Garda Vetting is one component part of the overall recruitment process within Irish Gymnastics and basically there are three outcomes...

Accepted – This allows the individual to continue their membership and enables a Club/other level to have the knowledge that Irish Gymnastics sees no reason why this individual cannot work within the organisation.

Rejected – This means based on the information available that the individual is not considered suitable to work in Irish Gymnastics.

Referred – This means there is some concern and further clarification/investigation is needed. The Authorised Signatory may write to the individual and possibly ask for explanations for the offences and further communication with the Garda Central Vetting Unit maybe required.

Do I need to apply for approval to run an event in my Club?

Yes, organisers of an Event (COMPETITION, CAMP or COACHING CLINIC)  must receive Gymnastics Ireland approval before proceeding by submitting an “Approval Request” form except where the Event being organised is included on the automatic list of events approved by Gymnastics Ireland and therefore it may not be necessary to submit an Approval Request Form.

To view the list of Automatic Approved Events and various Approval Request Forms visit the downloads section.

How do I attend Child Protection/Code of Ethics/Safeguarding Training?

Training is delivered through the Local Sports Partnership network (ROI) and SportNI (NI).

“Basic Awareness” Workshops are organised by the Local Sports Partnerships (LSP’S). Basic Awareness Workshops are a 3 hour programme. There is an additional Children’s Officer six hour Workshop organised through the LSP’s (but you must complete the Basic Awareness first).

“Safeguarding Young People & Children in Sport” workshops are organised by SportNI. This is a 3 hour workshop. There is also an additional 3 hour Workshop for Designated Children’s Safeguarding Officers.

All Workshop details are issued regularly by Ezine or contact Policy & Welfare Manager –

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