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Structure & Policy

Complaints & Discipline

These clear & robust rules and procedures for the organisation have been updated in partnership with the Gymnastics Ireland legal team at Lemans Solicitors and adopted by the Board.

The main document has been divided into (i) Rules and (ii) Procedures to be used during the Complaints and Disciplinary process.

The Rules section clarifies for members who are subject of a complaint or disciplinary action, what act or omission can give cause to a Complaint or Disciplinary action and what sanction can be imposed on a Participant or Unit.

The Procedures section is an explanatory document to clarify the stages of the complaints and disciplinary process from start to finish.

To view the Complaints & Disciplinary Rules and Procedures Document click here...

To view the Complaints & Disciplinary Rules and Procedures flowchart click here...

The following documents and template letters support the Complaints and Disciplinary Process. Each document has a specific title, just click on to open. You will notice that Document 11 provides some guidance on “Presenting a Complaint” and Document 12 contains “Some Q & A’s”.


C&D Document 1 – Complaint Form

C&D Document 2 - Disciplinary Report

C&D Document 3 – Request from Club to proceed with Formal Mediation

C&D Document 4 – Notification letter from CDO to Respondent

C&D Document 5 – Notification letter from Hearings Committee to Respondent & CDO

C&D Document 5 (a) – Notification letter from Hearings Committee to Respondent & Complainant

C&D Document 6 – Notice of decision by GI Hearings Committee

C&D Document 7 – Notice of decision by Club Hearings Committee

C&D Document 8 – Confirmation of Immediate Sanction by Responsible Person

C&D Document 9 – Responsible Person Disciplinary Report

C&D Document 10 – Request Form to Challenge an Immediate Sanction

C&D Document 11 – Presenting a Complaint - Help Notes

C&D Document 12 – Some Q & A’s

C&D Document 13 – Request a Formal Hearing

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