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Gymnastics for All

“Gymnastics for All (GfA) is both a discipline and a concept” - FIG

Gymnastics for All offers a variety of activities suitable for all genders, age groups, abilities and cultural backgrounds. Gymnastics for All activities contribute to personal health, fitness and well being-physical, social, intellectual and psychological.

The focus of Gymnastics for All activities is Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals, and Friendship and can involve:

  • Gymnastics with or without apparatus
  • Gymnastics and Dance

Under the leadership of FIG, Gymnastics for All can be showcased through either demonstration and performance e.g. World Gymnaestrada, or competitive team events e.g. World Gym for Life Challenge.

Gymnastics Ireland has created two of its own National Programmes to fit into this category:

Check out a highlights video of The Floor...

Check out a highlights video of GymSTART...

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