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Women in Sport

Gymnastics presents a unique and powerful opportunity to support girls to develop a strong love of sport and other physical activity at a young age and Gymnastics Ireland is committed to developing and delivering positive experiences and opportunities for all involved in gymnastics, including our teenage girls. 

In 2022, thanks to a funding investment from the Sport Ireland Women in Sport programme, Gymnastics Ireland, working in partnership with Women in Sport UK, engaged in the largest member-based piece of research to date - “Keeping Teenage Girls in Gymnastics", with the voice of our teenage gymnasts at the heart of the initiative. 

This research report clearly outlines what drives teenage girls' engagement and enjoyment in gymnastics and highlights areas that can be developed to enhance progression and create more moments of pride for all gymnasts and to build an inclusive, and positive body image culture in our member clubs and the sport of gymnastics in Ireland to extend girls' gymnastics journey beyond the teenage years. Our gymnasts have shared their voice, and we are listening.

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