Listen to our Olympian's Spotify Playlist to Unlock your Gymnastics Power Within

22nd July 2016, 00:00a.m. | International

Electric Ireland, proud sponsor of Team Ireland for the Rio Olympics has teamed up with our Olympians from a variety of sports to share their ultimate Spotify playlists to get you motivated at the gym or on a run! Music has been shown to be a great training aid; to help you relax post work-out, focus in training or get in the zone pre-competition.

The Olympians’ playlists have thrown up some interesting choices, from boxers favouring pop anthems to rowers chilling to indie favourites, to gymnasts getting in the zone with Bieber fever. There is plenty of variety to get you pumped - whatever the tempo of your workout! Kieran Behan has an interesting mix of music from Dr. Dre to Michael Jackson followed by some Otis Redding to help him relax after training.

The Power Within is about giving Team Ireland athletes a platform to tell their own stories of how they have overcome disappointment and use their self-belief to realise their dreams of becoming an Olympian.

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