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22nd March 2019, 23:54p.m. | National Series

On the 30th & 31st March the Gymnastics Ireland National Series return to the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena for its first competition of 2019. The weekend will see 1500 gymnasts from Men’s & Women’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling and over 2500 spectators from all around the country for the weekend.

For a taste of what's to come, check out last year's event in the National Indoor Arena...

Spectator Information

Saturday 30th March

Sunday 31st March


Saturday 30th March

  1. Women's Artistic Rotations
  2. Rhythmic Rotations
  3. Trampoline & Tumbling Rotations

Sunday 31st March

  1. Women's Artistic Rotations
  2. Men's Artistic Rotations
  3. Rhythmic Rotations


Scores are updated at the end of each rotation and are available at http://www.gymnasticsirelandsc... Final results will be available on the same site at the end of competition.


PLEASE NOTE that due to an increase in entry numbers in our competitions, our tickets are now being sold per discipline per subdivision based on our max seating capacity which we have to manage very tightly. Spectators will only be allowed to remain in seats for subdivisions for which they have purchased tickets.

Make sure to buy the correct ticket for the right discipline, subdivision and day.

PLEASE NOTE cash will no longer be accepted at the door and therefore it will be compulsory to pre-book all your gymnastics event spectator tickets online in advance. Tickets can be booked from your computer, tablet or mobile on our website. Once purchased you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your ticket which you can either print or present at the door on your mobile.

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Please take note of the following:

Spectators flow chart

Click here to view spectator flow chart... which will help you visualise the below points.

Spectators Entry/Exit

  • We will be operating a one-way spectator traffic flow management system with spectator entrance only via the main NIA entrance. Spectator exit will be via emergency exit doors within the athletics arena with one on the left and one of the right hand side of the building with spectators being directed towards the relevant exit by GI event team staff. Spectators will not be allowed to exit through the main NIA entrance (main reception).
  • Spectators will be only be allowed into the National Indoor Arena building through the main reception door 10-15mins before the publicised start time of the subdivision for which they have purchased a ticket. This is to allow ample time to clear seating from previous subdivisions/competitions. Please make sure the correct tickets are booked for the correct discipline, day & subdivision. Remember that Saturday will consist of subdivisions 1 to 3 and Sunday will consist of subdivisions 4 & 5.
  • Once in the arena the seating areas for the different gymnastics disciplines will be marked with signage and you must sit in the relevant discipline seating area unless otherwise directed.
  • Be aware that there will also be a Judo event taking place on the same weekend within the NIA and therefore GI event staff will direct you from the main entrance to the NIA building towards the Gymnastics Ireland event. Please be aware that we have been informed by Sport Ireland that National Sports Campus car-parks will be busy with multiple events occurring throughout the campus so please leave ample time to find a car parking space.
  • Please be aware that weather could be inconvenient for spectators should there be the need to queue outside, so please be prepared in case of rain.

Gymnasts Registration/Collection

  • Only gymnasts, coaches and judges will be allowed into the National Indoor Arena for registration at the designated times.
  • Entrance for registration will be located on the side door by the National Gymnastics Training Centre located at the opposite end of the NIA building from the main entrance. Please make sure parents are informed that they won’t be allowed into the Registration area and that gymnasts will have to wait for their coach to go in and register.
  • Gymnasts will be delivered by their coaches back to parents/guardians via designated handover zones located next to both the exit doors as directed by GI events team.

Good luck to all gymnasts taking part!

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