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We are thrilled to introduce this inclusive gymnastics initiative designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. GymABLE serves as an umbrella brand encompassing all the activities, events, and initiatives within Gymnastics Ireland that aim to include people with disabilities in various roles within the sport of gymnastics. Whether you want to participate as an athlete/gymnast, coach, judge, volunteer, or any other capacity, GymABLE provides the opportunities you need to thrive.

We are proud to have the support of Sport Ireland Dormant Account Funds (DAF) and Active Disability Ireland, Ireland's national pan-disability sport organisation, in making this program a reality.

Get ready to embrace the joy of gymnastics with GymABLE...

Gymnastics Ireland Inclusion Statement

"To value the ability and individuality of all members with a disability by taking all reasonable steps to provide each individual with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential as active gymnastics participants within an inclusive environment."

Gymnastics Ireland aims to promote, nurture & support. The GymABLE program is a crucial part of our overall strategy and is aligned with GI's Participation Strategy and Sport Ireland's commitment to inclusivity for all. Join us as we create opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, ability, disability, or gender.

Sport Inclusion Disability Charter

We're committed to the Active Disability Ireland Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

We encourage all our clubs to support the inclusion of people with a disability by signing the charter. To find out more and to sign up, click the link below...

Active Disability Ireland are delighted to be working closely with Gymnastics Ireland to support the fantastic work they are doing in creating more opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in gymnastics. They have created an inclusive culture within the sport, in Ireland, which enables people to engage, enjoy and excel in their participation. The organisation has achieved the Bronze level of our Xcessible programme and is currently working on the criteria at Silver level. Their commitment to inclusion is demonstrated through their involvement in the Xcessible programme and in their ongoing promotion of the Sports Inclusion Disability Charter and Inclusive Coach Education. This work is supporting and empowering gymnastics clubs across the country in becoming more inclusive. We congratulate Gymnastics Ireland on their work to date and look forward to our ongoing engagements.

Stephanie Mac Sweeney, National Sport Inclusion Coordinator, Active Disability Ireland

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