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Getting your Club started with GymABLE

The best place to start is to familiarise the management and club coaches with the Gymnastics Ireland Disability Inclusion Policy.

Next Steps:

Identify a GymABLE Club Lead and assign them the role. This role can be anyone in your club. Let us know who the lead is and how we can contact them

Create a vision for your GymABLE programme. This will be your roadmap for the design and development your clubs new GymABLE programme.

Research. There are many ways to research, from reading articles, watching videos, to connecting with other clubs with a GymABLE programme your Local Sports Partnership (LSP), and other organisation in your community that work with disabilities.

Create an Action Plan. Brainstorm and work with other members of your club, staff, coaches, judges, and parents to create buy-in to your new GymABLE programme. This which will strengthen the success and sustainability of the programme.

Facilities: Start by looking around your gym and make sure:

1. The space inside and outside is accessible, has easy access for personal equipment like wheelchairs and frames, has quiet spaces for gymnasts who need to step out of the session but don’t have to leave the session, like a sensory area

2. The toilets and change areas accessible for everyone

3. The equipment is stored away when not in use

4. To use signage that is clear distinguishable, with large font and pictures.

Promote your GymABLE programme on all club social media platforms to your members, your LSP and any other disability organisations in your area.

Sign up to become a GymABLE accredited club with Gymnastics Ireland and to the Active Disability Ireland’s Sport Inclusion Disability Charter

Education Courses

For our GymABLE programme we have the following courses available:

Find our more about our full range of courses here.

Disability Gymnastics Awareness Module

The Disability Gymnastics Awareness Module is an informative-based module focused on disability awareness and will cover the social model of disability, terminology, barriers and solutions, practical advice and examination of key theories and models for inclusion and Gymnastics.

The module is delivered online and in person.

Gymnastics Ireland also delivers GymABLE workshops.

These 1-hour online workshops are designed to give coaches more in-depth information on each of the specific topics.

Our experienced tutors will guide the learner to understand more about each aspect of the disability, how to incorporate their new learning into the gymnastic environment, discussions around adaptations and difficulties encountered, with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Currently there are 4 on offer to clubs and coaches.

  • Progressive Disorders
  • Behaviour Management in the Gym
  • Down Syndrome (DS)
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Check out what is coming up on our Local Management System, Learnupon.

Interested in finding out when our next course is running?

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The GymABLE Club Accreditation Scheme is a registered standard with Gymnastics Ireland. This scheme has been developed by Gymnastics Ireland, using the Active Disability Ireland Sports Inclusion Disability Charter as a guiding tool. It is a 3-step pathway designed to support clubs around disability inclusion.

The first step on this pathway is the bronze award. Once Bronze is achieved, clubs can move on the Silver and Gold awards.

These awards are in recognition of all the positive work clubs do for disability gymnastics and will demonstrate to members the club’s commitment to disability gymnastics.

To find out more, or if you have any questions or queries, please get in touch:

Phone: 01 625 1125

Email: [email protected]

To find out more about our how to get started with GymABLE at your Gym check out the video below:

GymABLE - Club Accreditation Scheme Video

The Floor

The Floor is Gymnastics Irelands flagship display event which provides clubs with the opportunity to bring their display teams to a national event with other teams from all around the country, all of whom put on an entertainment spectacle for an enthusiastic crowd of gymnastics fans.

The aim of this event is to create an annual showcase for clubs and gymnasts of all ages and abilities to come together to celebrate the fun, friendship, and pure joy of taking part in gymnastics in a non competitive environment where everyone is celebrated and has their “moment in the spotlight”.

For this event, Gymnastics Ireland brings the X-Factor to 'The Floor ' with stage lighting, video recording, social media, sound production, a fantastic MC in the shape of Shay Byrne from RTE, as well as our own version of the X-Factor panel of experts who interact with teams after their performances, creating special “moments of pride” for each team, as well as giving valuable feedback.

This event is open to all levels of ability and disability, all ages, all genders & all categories of Gymnastics Ireland membership.


GymSTART is a participation-based programme for our recreational membership, that is designed to allow any gymnast, regardless of age or ability, to take part in, and enjoy, gymnastics. The programme is built around personal achievement, where all levels of ability are celebrated regardless of age, ability, or disability.

The GymSTART Challenge is a National Event, based on our GymSTART Awards. This event is designed specifically to allow gymnast to choose the level and skills to suit their ability and/or disability, create their own routine and perform these routines in front of a huge enthusiastic audience. The event recognises personal achievement, and the focus of the day is on fun, friendship, and celebration.

This event is open to all levels of ability and disability, all ages, all genders.

The GymSTART Competition is a national competitive event, the next step after the GymSTART Challenge. This event aims to provide our recreational members with an opportunity to experience competition within a fun and relaxed environment while still celebrating personal achievement. Within this competitive structure, there are several pathways for gymnasts with a disability to take part and compete at whatever level they choose.

As part of the GymABLE programme, there are a number of ways that gymnasts with a disability can be part of this event.

  • Compete using the basic GymSTART routines
  • Compete using adapted GymSTART routines
  • Compete using GymABLE specific routines

This event is open to all levels of ability and disability, all ages, all genders.


The JumpSTART Competition is a national competitive event which is discipline-focused and provides our recreational members with the opportunity to compete in more than one discipline – Acrobatics, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling. JumpSTART acts as the bridge between our GymSTART and the National Series events programme whereby club recreational level gymnasts can try one, some and/or all the disciplines as an individual gymnast, as part of a discipline team and part of an overall club team.

This event is open to all levels of ability and disability, all ages, all genders.

Our Partner Organisations

Did you know that we work with other national organisations to promote and develop our inclusive GymABLE programme?            

Special Olympics Ireland             

Active Disability Ireland            

Sport Ireland LSP Network

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