Events Programme

There are 2 main events of the GymSTART programme; GymSTART Challenge & GymSTART Competition

1. GymSTART Challenge

The GymSTART Challenge is a series of National Events, based on our GymSTART Awards, that are designed specifically to provide gymnasts of all ages and abilities with a fun and progressive event to take part in where the focus is on fun, friendship and celebrating personal achievement.

  • GymSTART Challenge Flyer - click here...
  • GymSTART Challenge Guidelines - click here...
  • GymSTART Challenge Skills List - click here...

2. GymSTART Floor & Vault Competition

Building on the huge success of our 'Gymstart Challenge' events we are happy to present the 'GymSTART Competition', a national competitive event based on our GymSTART Awards. This event aims to provide our Recreational Members with an opportunity to experience competition within a fun and relaxed environment while celebrating personal achievement.

This event is specifically targeted for recreational members, however it is open to competitive and student members also.

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