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Guide for Parents in Sport

Parents in Sport week will focus on how parents can greatly influence a child’s experience in sport through their actions, both positive and negative.

The key outcomes that Parents in Sport Week aims to achieve are:

  • To encourage sports organisations and clubs to promote the positive role parents play in helping children reach their full potential
  • To empower parents by sharing information regarding key roles they can do as a sports parent in supporting their child’s participation, success and fun, and therefore retaining a child’s interest in sport
  • To assist coaches and officials to understand the crucial role parents have in a child’s participation and continued involvement in sport

As a National Governing Body, Gymnastics Ireland have signed up to this initiative and again the focus of Parents in Sport Week this year continues to be on highlighting the valuable role parents play and the positive influence they have in ensuring young people develop to their full potential and enjoy their time playing sport.

Aims of Parents in Sport Week:

To encourage clubs to recognise and promote the positive and important role parents play in helping children reach their full potential. To do this clubs can encourage coaches to take time to show they value parents, want parental input and are grateful for what parents can do.

Gymnastics Ireland are encouraging all clubs to consider having an activity/initiative involving parents during the week. Sport Ireland and the Child Protection Sport Unit of the NSPCC promote “Parents in Sport Week” during the month of October every year.

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