2018 AGM Formal Notice & Updated Documents

28th May 2018, 13:51p.m. | National

Please see attached/available for download the following in relation to the 2018 Annual General Meeting which will be held at Irish Sport HQ, National Sports Campus, Dublin 15 at 2pm on Sunday 24th June 2018...

  1. Formal Notice Letter
  2. Agenda
  3. 2017 Agm Minutes
  4. Gi Directors Report And Financial Statements


  • Extended deadline for queries to Directors Report and Financial Statements for year ended 31st Dec 2017 is now Wednesday 20th June 2018.
  • The company constitution can be viewed via https://www.gymnasticsireland.com/about/structure-policy/organisational-structure
  • This is not an election/nomination AGM
  • Rule 1.10: As per the constitution membership categories who are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Company include fully paid up and compliant Adult, Joint & Student Over-18 members

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