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  • Marsh News Item Pod

    Upcoming webinar "Claims Management with Marsh Ireland"

    07th April, 2021 10:37am

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  • Pic

    Webinar wrap up - Safeguarding & Member Welfare

    01st April, 2021 19:47pm

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  • Wis News Item Pod

    8 principles of success to make sport & physical activity relevant for teenage girls in Ireland & how to relate them to gymnastics

    31st March, 2021 19:18pm

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  • Template News Item Pod

    Upcoming webinar "Mindfulness and Managing Anxiety - how to stay in the moment!" with Katie Richards

    30th March, 2021 10:15am

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  • 19621151 1857248680968335 1064782965822975636 O

    A practical view on nutrition for gymnasts - wrap up

    28th March, 2021 20:41pm

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  • Dermot News Item Pod

    Upcoming webinar "Safeguarding & Member Welfare with Dermot Howlin"

    25th March, 2021 20:36pm

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  • F2 26

    Webinar Wrap-up – Club Employment Contracts, Leases, Licences, Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures

    25th March, 2021 20:23pm

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  • Ph

    Webinar wrap up - Building & Training Resilience, Grit & Anti-fragility

    25th March, 2021 16:12pm

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  • Bars

    Webinar Wrap-up – Financial Planning for Clubs

    19th March, 2021 19:16pm

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