4600 attend GymSTART Challenge in 2018

11th December 2018, 14:57p.m. | GymSTART

During the last two months one of our key participation events programmes, the GymSTART challenge saw over 1,500 gymnasts; over 3000 spectators and nearly 100 chaperones & coaches from clubs all around the country taking part both at the National Indoor Arena in Dublin at the Sport Arena in the University of Limerick.

This amazing event aimed at participation caters for the many non-competitive gymnasts taking part in gymnastics here in Ireland. The demand and interest in this event keeps increasing and indeed the entry numbers reflect that. This year, the entry numbers hit a record increase of 20% up on 2017. This shows that the sport of gymnastics is growing on all fronts and throughout the country we keep encouraging more clubs to take part in the coming years and join in the fun.

Huge congratulations to all those who participated and to the many coaches and supporters who contributed to these very successful events!

To see the photo album of these events taken by our partner media company Hello Deer visit our Facebook page or click here. You can also see some amazing footage of both events below.

The GymSTART Challenge – Dublin on 25th Nov

The GymSTART Challenge – Limerick on 9th Dec

The December GymSTART challenge marked the end of the Gymnastics Ireland season for 2018. In March 2019 the competitive and participation gymnastics events will return bigger and better to the National Indoor Arena in Dublin and the Sport Arena in Limerick. To see the full 2019 calendar click below...

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