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  • 2022 GymSTART Competition Spectator Information & Tickets

    25th February, 2022 11:16a.m.

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  • The GymSTART Challenge participation events return to the National Indoor Arena

    18th November, 2021 17:09p.m.

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  • Spectators Information for the GymSTART Challenge Nov 2021- BOOK TICKETS NOW!

    08th November, 2021 19:51p.m.

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  • Gymnasts to “bounce back” with the summer GymSTART SkillsFest Challenge

    18th June, 2021 09:46a.m.

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  • Grand finale of the 2020 GymSTART Challenge Takeover week!

    02nd December, 2020 13:34p.m.

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  • Mid-week review of the GymSTART Challenge Takeover 2020

    25th November, 2020 18:46p.m.

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  • 6000 attend Gymnastics Ireland's first event of 2020

    08th March, 2020 21:01p.m.

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  • 2020 GymSTART Competition to host over 1400 gymnasts - a record number! BOOK TICKETS NOW

    27th February, 2020 15:35p.m.

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  • Over 5000 attend GymSTART Challenge in 2019

    02nd December, 2019 20:40p.m.

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