Gymnastics Ireland approval for Level 3 operation

1st December 2020, 14:26p.m. | National

Following receipt of final clarification from Sport Ireland and the government Sport Expert Group as it relates to Level 3 operation for our sport we can confirm the following...

All clubs can now open in Level 3 for individual training only provided they can comply and implement as per the following guidance from the new 'Indoor Sport Framework'. This framework was recently signed off by government this week and distributed to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) yesterday evening. The indoor sport framework is the result of close work between Sport Ireland/the Sport Expert Group in consultation with various indoor sport NGBs - we in Gymnastics Ireland have obviously been heavily engaged in relation to the needs of our sport. Our sport is specifically referenced in the framework in relation to approval for Level 3 operation as per the conditions below. For clarity this framework is designed to support and give permission to operate in Level 3 to government recognised NGBs with approved Return to Sport (RTS) protocols only - this is explicitly stated in the framework document. Furthermore, it is stated that only NGB accredited current member coaches are approved to operate in Level 3 in line with the NGB RTS plan.

As per the framework it is recognised that while clubs may refer to their gymnastics training as 'groups' we are an individually based sport and gymnasts can train individually in a socially distanced manner therefore club operation in Level 3 must proceed in-line with the new 'pod of one concept' as per the framework...

  • The 'pod of one' concept is defined as ‘Individual, physically distanced, non-contact activity, completed in a pre-defined area, within a controlled environment and without the sharing of personal sport equipment'
    • 'Personal sports equipment' relates to such items as balls, ropes etc.
    • 'Controlled environment' relates to club environments operated under the government approved Return to Sport protocols (RTS) as per the GI RTS plan.
  • 2m social distancing is to be maintained at all times
  • Max 50 persons within a facility at any one time for individual training, this is assuming the facility size allows for 50 persons operating in a socially distanced manner
  • Members can now continue to train with the club in which they are registered in relation to county boarder crossing
  • The above clarification points from the new indoor sport framework are designed to be operated in conjunction with the government approved GI Return to Sport plan. These protocols apply only to GI members and only GI member clubs that have completed the 6-step GI RTS compliance process have approval to operate in-line with the framework
  • As is standard clubs must ensure all elements of the GI RTS protocol are implemented including...
    • Cleaning protocols for fixed equipment
    • Enhanced personal hygiene practices of participants
    • Use of face coverings as per HSE guidance
    • No body contact training during Level 3

For clarity the framework clearly states that the above approved measures for recognised NGBs such as Gymnastics Ireland 'aim at clearly differencing sporting activity between levels 2 and 3 while also distinguishing the activity from traditional exercise and dance classes which are not permissible from level 3 onwards'.

We would like to sincerely thank Sport Ireland and the government 'Sport Expert Group' for their efforts in relation to the development and approval of the indoor sport framework.

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