February’s webinar focuses on flexibility training

27th February 2021, 16:32p.m. | National

Gymnastics Ireland closed out February with the “Flexibility Training - An evidence-based approach” webinar hosted by chartered physiotherapist and gymnastics coach, Fiona Gorman. The online event succeeded at engaging coaches looking to upskill on their physical preparation techniques. Fiona touched on anatomy, common misconceptions when it comes to flexibility, injury prevention and a few safe and effective exercise propositions.

With an objective and non-biased approach, Fiona explained how flexibility works and why this is, by presenting scientific research and evidence-based cases. Her knowledge in both physiotherapy and the specific needs of the sport made the topics covered easy to apply in a gymnastics environment. This offered the necessary tools to help the coaches and Gymnastics Ireland members watching provide and take part in safer training.

“It was a great pleasure to be involved in the webinar series with Gymnastics Ireland. Thanks to all the staff involved for their support and encouragement throughout.” said Fiona regarding the event.

Garrett Buckley, Gymnastics Ireland Education Manager, also commented “Fiona delivered an outstanding webinar covering a lot of evidence to support key concepts and theories around flexibility training. The candidates in attendance will now be able to put the evidence and information from the webinar into practice. We look forward to having Fiona back again with further webinars and workshop on flexibility training.”

The focus is drawn to next month’s webinar “Nutrition for gymnasts – a practical look at what and when to eat during training and competition” with consultant dietitian, Paula Mee. This webinar will be open to all members including parents whose children are members. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week.

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