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21st July 2021, 17:19p.m. | National

Today was an important day for the sport of gymnastics in Ireland with the launch of 3 new strategic documents that outline the development of our sport over the next number of years through the Paris & LA Olympic cycles. These include the 'Strategic Plan 2021-2024' which is supported by 2 key sub-strategies, namely the 'Education & Participation Strategy 2021 - 2024' and the 'High-Performance Strategy 2024/2028'.

Please see below an introductory video to the 3 strategies featuring our CEO Ciaran Gallager...

Commenting on the launch of the 3 strategies Gymnastics Ireland Chairman, Shane O'Connor said;

'I'm incredibly excited today to be announcing the launch of the 3 new strategies that will guide Gymnastics Ireland over the crucial years to come. Of particular importance to me as Chair of the new Board that has been in place since July 2019 is the launch of the Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024. We have engaged with and listened closely to our members & partners in the development of the strategies; I would like to sincerely thank them for their input and hope they are as excited about the road that we have mapped as we are! Finally, I would like to thank my dedicated colleagues on the Board and our great staff team for the huge amount of work to get us to this point today.'

CEO, Ciaran Gallagher added;

'Today we launched 3 key strategies that will outline the road ahead as we emerge from Covid19 and bounce back into the extraordinary growth that our sport has been experiencing over the past number of years. A huge amount of work went into producing these crucial documents and I must thank the clubs/members and partners who engaged with us in this process to provide their thoughts and feedback. Particularly I must also recognise the huge efforts of the GI Board and staff team in driving the developments. Special mention must go to our Participation Manager Aimi Baker, Education Manager Garrett Buckley and Performance & Technical Manager Sally Johnson. We have achieved a huge amount in recent years but still it feels like we are just getting started - much more to come from Gymnastics Ireland in the years ahead...'

To down-load a full copy of each strategy document please click on the links below...

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