Club Membership

As a condition of club membership all clubs must..

  1. Pay the initial club joining fee of €90
  2. Buy into the mandatory club insurance programme for which full information and costings can be provided by the administration team. Insurance covers provided include the following...
  • Tailored Public Liability for our sport activity
  • Personal accident for individual members
  • Directors & Officers and Professional Indemnity for clubs
  • Travel for sanctioned events outside Ireland
  • Mandatory Membership Agreement Sept 2023-2024

3. Register all individual club members with Gymnastics Ireland, individual membership fees as below...

*NOTE: Costs above active from September 2022 membership year onwards...

Clubs must have a minimum of 10 members, including a registered & fully qualified Level 2 coach. All club committee members/directors/individuals acting on behalf of/in an official capacity for the club must be members. Initial registration of a club can be completed via email by providing the following information that is required…

  1. Name of club
  2. Name of club secretary
  3. Address for club secretary
  4. Email address for club
  5. Phone number for club
  6. Signed & completed Club Nomination form which includes
    • Name of Children's Officer (as per safeguarding policy)
    • Name of Club Designated Person (as per safeguarding policy)
  7. Signed & completed Club Registration Insurance Agreement
  8. Names of 10 x members
  9. Addresses for 10 x members
  10. Dates of birth for 10 x members

Once this information is received your club profile will be set-up on our online club membership system, for which we will provide you with a club code and password. It is the clubs responsibility to maintain this membership profile and keep it up-to-date including the register of members in-line with our rules, regulation and policy.

The membership year runs from 1st September – 31st August annually. In joining clubs agree to abide by the rules, regulations & policies of our organisation which can be viewed in the ‘Structure & Policy’ section.

To download a PDF with Gymnastics Ireland Membership Benefits - click here...

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