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  • 1200 gymnasts and 3000 spectators at the first National Series event of 2022

    27th March, 2022 17:58p.m.

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  • 5000 gymnasts & spectators attend the 2019 National Gymnastics Team Championships

    12th November, 2019 18:31p.m.

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  • Spectators Information for Nov- Book tickets now!

    29th October, 2019 11:37a.m.

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  • Rhys McClenaghan dominates on pommel at the 2019 National Series Super Championships

    28th July, 2019 20:10p.m.

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  • Spectators Information for July - Book tickets now!

    17th July, 2019 00:45a.m.

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  • National Champions crowned across 5 disciplines in 1 huge weekend of competition

    27th May, 2019 16:49p.m.

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  • Spectators Information for May - Book tickets now!

    16th May, 2019 00:55a.m.

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  • 1 great weekend, 2 international events, 4 disciplines

    07th April, 2019 22:33p.m.

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  • 4500 attend the first National Series gymnastics event of 2019!

    03rd April, 2019 13:44p.m.

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